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International Buyers

If you are overseas and considering purchasing real estate in Los Angeles or New York, I will assist you ever step of the way.  With over a decade of knowledge assisting families and investors purchase real estate in the United States, I assure you that all of your questions and concerns will be answered.  My experience has helped numerous buyers purchase and own real estate in the United States. From parents who wish to purchase for their children attending universities, to  investors purchasing multi-unit apartment or commercial buildings, I have made it happen!

Real Estate laws and taxes for overseas buyers can be confusing at first, hence my team and I can help guide you  to understand the legalities of buying a home while not being a citizen or in the process of.

For Overseas Students seeking housing- Our network of private housing companies and apartment leasing communities in California and New York can help you find exactly what you are looking for and in your price range.

For Overseas Investors – We can help you find a property that will meet your return on investment goals.

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